Learn Polish at Apronus.com

The Polish alphabet is like the English alphabet plus the following special Polish letters:

ąćęłńóśźż ĄĆĘŁŃÓŚŹŻ

Polish sounds are correlated with spelling so it is possible to read aloud Polish texts without understanding a single word.

International words in Polish were adopted according to certain rules which gives a knowledgeable learner a good headstart.

Polish lessons 1-54 are for people who want to learn Polish from a beginner's level. Each lesson contains Polish sentences with English translation. These materials are displayed on our site and can be used for free. Additionally, we have audio files for the first ten lessons recorded by Polish native speakers. For each of the first ten lessons there is a handy one-page transcript. The audio file for a given lesson contains the same sentences as the lesson. Each of the first ten lessons has about two minutes of listening material. Every sentence is read out clearly with a perfect Polish accent. You can buy the audio files for lessons 1-10.

Advanced Polish audio files recorded by Polish native speakers are for very advanced learners or for Polish children living abroad.