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Our virtual piano is an online piano keyboard simulator whose piano keyboard has 85 piano keys. More precisely, our online piano keyboard has seven octaves each with 12 piano keys which totals 84 piano keys but the rightmost piano key is a C8 which belongs to a still higher octave. The piano keys on our online piano keyboard can be played by clicking the keys with the mouse or by touching the piano keys on a touch screen or by pressing computer keyboard keys.

Most importantly, our virtual piano simulator can be played online in a similar way that a physical piano keyboard is played because the layout of the piano keys on a physical keyboard is matched exactly to the layout of our virtual piano keyboard simulated by the computer keyboard. In particular, the white piano keys are played by pressing the computer keyboard keys in the Tab,Q,W,E,R,T,Y row while the black piano keys which are placed between their respective white piano keys are played by the computer keyboard keys in the 2,3,4,5,6 row, which mirrors the layout of the real piano keybaord where black piano keys are squeezed between white piano keys and placed slightly higher. This unique feature of our virtual piano keyboard simulator lets you play piano online by using your computer keyboard as a virtualpiano keyboard.

Our virtual guitar is an original concept online guitar simulator which lets you play guitar online by clicking buttons producing acoustic guitar chords.

Our standard Russian keyboard lets you type in Russian on this virtual standard Russian keyboard online.