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Interactive Online Piano

You need to have Macromedia Flash installed to use this online piano.

This online piano is a complement to our music lesson. Play this online piano to experiment with the musical knowledge that you have gained from our music lessons.


This online piano has been designed in Flash. You can find another online piano written in Java on the Internet but we think that when it comes to merely playing the online piano, Flash is the right tool. However, if the piano was intended to record and repeat what you play then, indeed, a Java applet would be much more appropriate for an online utility. We are going to extend this online piano in the future to allow you to play both low tones and high tones. As you know, a real piano has a much longer keyboard. The piano keys will necessarily be smaller to fit the whole piano keyboard on the screen but it should be all right still. Another idea for a future online piano extension is to make the piano play like some other instrument. After all, using a computer, you can be hitting the piano keys and hearing the sound of some other instrument. The point is that the piano is the easiest instrument to understand and to implement as an online utility. So you can expect in the future to be able to play bass, for example, with our online piano. Online interactive gadgets are one of the nicest things on the Internet. On our website we also have an Online Interactive Chessboard and an Online Russian Keyboard. Feel free to let us know how you like our online piano. Do you play this online piano while reading some online piano playing lessons? Do you play this online piano to inspire your kids' interest in music? Do you have any suggestions how we can improve this little online piano?

Play our online piano for free but please give a link if you can.