Minor chords explained on a virtual piano

The simplest examples of minor chords are minor triads - defined and demonstrated on a virtual piano on a separate page. Here we show all possible minor chords in their multiple inversions and with variable numbers of notes. A formal definition of a minor chord would be very complicated to cover all the possibilities, so we omit it hoping that this interactive widget will answer all your questions.

Just pick the root note and the number of notes to include in the chord from the form above the piano keyboard. Then below the keyboard you will see buttons listing all the possible minor chords that fit the criteria. You may also extend the range of the virtual piano by clicking the + buttons beside the keyboard.

the root note
how many notes

You can bookmark each automatically generated collection of chords as a separate link to share. The button bookmark chords above also leads to a version of our online piano that has more powerful features like custom chords and record/playback.

See also Major chords explained on a virtual piano.