Interactive Online Guitar

You need to have Macromedia Flash installed to use this online guitar.

You can play our online guitar by clicking left mouse button over the places with the letters that denotes given chords. For example C denotes C major, CM denotess C minior, C7 denotes C seventh. Note that with our online guitar you can play only chords - not individual notes. However for real guitar this way is usually a first approach to playing guitar in most guitar lessons.

Chords on our online guitar are located in the special ergonomic order. In this order tonics, dominants and subdominants chords are close to each other for most scales, so it should be convenient to play simple accompaniment for known songs. We hope that this makes our online guitar a useful tool for people interested in playing guitar who want to discover chords for songs by themselves.

Note that our online guitar is only an internet gadget and letters on our online guitar neck have nothing in common with pitches that you can obtain by pressing frets in analogous places on a real guitar. If you want to learn how to play sounds on a real guitar you could choose guitar lessons or just check it in guitar reference.