20. Spraaknytt 3-4/2002 - paper edition

Michal Ryszard Wojcik (2002 December 17):

In September 2002, I was once taking a look at Norwegian Web pages and one passage attracted my attention. I quote it here copied from http://www.sprakrad.no/snytt971.htm:

"Spraaknytt" kommer med fire nummer i aaret. Ansvarlige redaktoerer: Dag Gundersen og Jan Terje Faarlund. Redaksjonssekretaer: Svein Nestor. For signerte artikler har forfatteren ansvaret. Ettertrykk tillatt naar kilde blir oppgitt. ISSN 0806-2870.
Abonnement paa papirutgaven er gratis.

I interpreted these words to mean roughly that I can receive for free the paper edition of some Norwegian periodic magazine.

I applied for the gratis subscription by writing an email message in which I included that passage and added my own words written in Norwegian:

"Jeg har sett disse ordene og jeg ble interessert i aa faa den papirutgaven gratis. Jeg bor i Polen og jeg laerer norsk."

My translation:
I have seen these words and I have become interested in receiving the paper edition for free. I live in Poland and I learn Norwegian.

I received the following sentence as a reply:
"Jeg trenger fullstendig postadresse for aa notere deg som abonnent paa papirutgaven."

The person informed me that my full postal address was needed to subscribe me for the paper edition. So I sent them my address and started waiting for the post to come. I waited for about three months.

A couple of days ago I received the magazine Spraaknytt 3-4/2002. It is a booklet about the same size as the catalog that I received at the beginning of my learning Norwegian.