15. How I read and listen (Det norske politiske systemet)

Michal Ryszard Wojcik (2002 January 14):

About three months ago I found a Norwegian website dedicated to social science. I think that it is a learning resource for Norwegian kids who have social science at school. There is a section about the Norwegian political system. There are a number of text pages together with sound files for the text.

I printed out some of the pages and I compiled two audio CDs from those sound files (about 85 minutes altogether). This is how three months ago I obtained a large portion of Norwegian text in the written and audio form at the same time.

I bless the Internet and the webmaster of that website:

How I read

I read about the Norwegian political system in the waiting-room way: Notice that this way does not require special time. My reading about the Norwegian political system has no time cost.

How I listen

I listen about the Norwegian political system in the background way:

I listen while doing something else. My listening is a background activity. I don't need to find special time for listening in Norwegian. It has no time cost.

But sometimes I devote special time to listening:

I like to begin and finish my day with Norwegian.

It's been over three months now since I started working on the text about the Norwegian political system. I listened to it a countless number of times. I don't know how many, maybe even 100 times. And I have noticed that my understanding grows steadily without any effort on my part. It seems that it's enough that I listen in the background way and read in the waiting-room way.