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If you are a beginner who has just made his first steps in German, and if you want to be an intermediate or advanced learner and you don't want to spend ten years learning, it means that you are at the right place.

Our learning algorithm in general

You need a good book written in German or translated into German, one good German-English dictionary and one good German-German dictionary with examples and with phonetic transcription.

There are two kinds of dictionaries - monolingual and bilingual. A German-German dictionary is a German monolingual dictionary. It means that all words are explained in German. Below you can see an example item from a monolingual German dictionary.

die Biologie [biolo'gi:]; -: Wissenschaft vom Leben der Pflanzen, Tiere und Menschen: sie unterrichtet Mathematik und Biologie; er hat Biologie studiert.

Compare with an analogous item from a bilingual German-English dictionary.

die Biologie [biolo'gi:]; biology.

Our learning algorithm has two stages.

Stage 1 - Bilingual learning - More about Stage 1 Stage 2 - Monolingual learning - More about Stage 2

Why you should learn German with our method

There are many reasons. First of all, we know that our method works. One of the Apronus owners learnt German with this learning algorithm. We also know other people who did so. Some of our friends learn German with this method, and they like it very much. But we can give you more scientific reasons.

Grammar without grammar rules
When you learn German using a German-German dictionary, you practise reading in German all the time. Sentences and definitions contain a lot of information on how to use words. This helps you to learn grammar without learning complicated grammar rules.

Core vocabulary
You learn useful words because they are very often used in definitions. This is a reason why our method is so fast - you don't waste your time on learning useless vocabulary. If the author of your German-German dictionary has used a word in a definition you can be sure that this word isn't useless.

When you learn German with a German-German dictionary, you can learn effectively.
For example: you want to learn German on a bus. Normally you must have two things - a book and a dictionary. With our learning algorithm it is enough to have only one thing - a German-German dictionary. There are a lot of German texts in it and you can still use it as a dictionary. This works best during the second stage of our method.

If you consider learning German with our method - remember that you can do much more for your German than it is suggested above. If you want to learn German seriously read the following article.

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