29. My method really works - another confirmation.

Michal Ryszard Wojcik (2005 March 24):

The following is a quote from my email correspondence. As you can see there are other learners of Norwegian (and other languages) who use my method (or a variation thereof) with equal success (or better).

Hi! I just discovered your website and thank you profusely for it and your commentary. I too learned Norwegian exactly, and I do mean exactly, the same way you did. Languages come relatively easily for me, but of all I've learned, Norwegian came the most easily, naturally, and enduringly. Like you, I listened to words I could not understand, read or translate. Eventually my brain did the necessary decoding just as a child learns, separating sounds first into sentences, and then into individual words. In my case, unlike a young child, there was no other context beyond the audio tape.

As with you, it was a speedy process. Within less than three months I was completely conversant. I learned to read Norwegian in the same straightforward manner. Having heard the language spoken well, I learned transcription and applied it to the written words. Since I knew what the sounds meant, I also knew what the written words meant. Norwegian is the only language, other than my native American English, in which I can actually think fluidly, and that's true no matter how many months or years have passed.

My first learning took place in 1986, and after 1988 I thought I had no further use for the language. Twelve years passed with no exposure to Norwegian of any kind; then our youngest daughter met and married a Norwegian man and moved to Trondheim. Although the Trondelag dialect is quite different than the bokmaal I learned, I find it relatively easy to understand as long as I relax and just listen carefully. Our daughter's Norwegian family is astonished that I speak so well and understand so much. I returned just two days ago from Norway and each time my comprehension, ease, and spoken abilities improve. This time, I've decided not to let my ability languish and so found your website. Thank you for it.