13. Norwegian Grammar Book

Michal Ryszard Wojcik (2001 December 04):

I ordered through the Internet a Norwegian grammar book Norsk grammatikk for fremmedspraaklige by Kirsti Mac Donald.

Today it came to me by mail. I looked through this book page by page. Now I have a good idea about the content of the book. I am very glad that I have it. When I was browsing the book, I read many sentences, and I felt that I find Norwegian grammar beautiful. I want to spend my time reading the book and absorbing Norwegian grammar.

I have two goals in mind related to this grammar book. First, I want to investigate the subject of grammar rules: I want to understand what grammar rules are, and how useful they are for learning a foreign language. Second, I want to start writing my own sentences. For that I need to have a collection of example sentences that I can follow. Let me quote a passage that I wrote to the Internet bookshop when I was looking for a suitable grammar book.

Michal Ryszard Wojcik (2001 November 11):

I need a book which has many example sentences that demonstrate Norwegian grammar. I need simple sentences that are specially designed to demonstrate grammar. The book I need must be organized so that I can find an example sentence for the grammar structure that I need to use when composing my own sentences.

I will be writing my own sentences, noticing what grammar structures are needed, and then looking them up in the grammar book. Then I will make my sentence similar to the example sentences. Thus I want to avoid making mistakes.

Can you help me decide which book I need?

I finished reading this grammar book (and in fact I have read it twice and started reading it the third time). But it took me a long time (more than seventeen months) to finally make an experiment with my own writing and try to see how useful this grammar book can be. You can read about it in a later report:
24. Mistakes in my Norwegian writing (2003 September 24)