Norwegian Learning Links

As a retired learner of Norwegian (see Norsk Experiment) I want to recommend a number of links to those who are learning Norwegian.

Learn Norwegian Naturally - Norwegian Videos with English and Norwegian Transcripts Provided
Listen to recordings and videos of normal and everyday Norwegian. There are both English and Norwegian transcripts available for each episode, which makes it easy to read along while you're listening. The series also have a Facebook-community where you can practice and interact with Norwegians and people who are learning Norwegian.

Free Downloadable Audio Files for Learners of Norwegian
Download 20 minutes of Norwegian recordings in mp3 files. These materials include: (1) written texts and (2) audio files for these written texts - in two language versions: Bokmaal and Nynorsk (the two official Norwegian languages). I have personally listened to these recordings hundreds of times. Report 15 contains more information on how these audio recordings can be used for learning Norwegian.

Norwegian Audio and Text
This site contains a collection of both audio and corresponding text files. The audio files range from about 10-20 minutes. They are all translated from English, and you can hear the English in the background with the Norwegian (Bokmaal) dubbed over. The content of the site is from general conference addresses for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. New content is added every April and October.

Norwegian Virtual Audio-Video Archive

Norwegian Phonetic Alphabet
Since phonetic transcription can be very helpful in learning Norwegian pronunciation, this page is a valuable resource for those who learn Norwegian in order to be fluent and confident in conversations with Norwegian native speakers. If you don't believe that phonetic transcription is useful, read Report 3 where I write about a huge difference in my understanding of spoken Norwegian after learning the Norwegian phonetic alphabet.

Norsk paa LanguageOnThe.Net
Introduction to the Norwegian language: the alphabet and the sounds; grammar points; reading materials in Norwegian.

Norwegian Grammar
Lots of Norwegian example sentences for the following grammar points: questions, word order in declarative sentences, noun forms, indefinite and definite adjectives, special adjective rules, possessive pronouns, demonstratives, relative pronouns, past tense, imperative, passive voice.

CAPLEX Nettleksikon
This is an online encyclopedia in Norwegian. For those who learn Norwegian, any minute spent on reading in Norwegian is well-spent. This encyclopedia allows you read a lot in Norwegian and learn a thing or two at the same time. You can also find information about Norway and the Norwegian culture in this online encyclopedia.

Spraaknytt Free Subscription
You can get free issues of the Spraaknytt magazine with articles about the Norwegian language written in various forms of Norwegian. You can also view past issues of this magazine published on the Internet. This magazine should be interesting for people who are very advanced in Norwegian and who want to gain more information about the various forms of the Norwegian language. I write about this magazine in Report 20.

Internet exercises for the book Naiv. Super. by Erlend Loe
The book Naiv. Super. by the Norwegian author Erlend Loe was the first book that I had read in Norwegian (see Report 1 and Report 18). It is written in simple language and short sentences - very good for learners of Norwegian.
The page that is recommended contains summaries of the chapters plus exercises to see if you understand the book correctly. This is all written in Norwegian, so it'ss an excellent resource for those Norwegian learners who have read Naiv. Super. I recommend books by Erlend Loe to everybody - not only to those learning Norwegian.

Read Naiv. Super. Online
You can read the first chapter of Naiv. Super. in Norwegian. The text is Loe's original, but the hardest words and phrases are translated on the side, so you pick up the colloquial meanings that are sometimes hard, and don't have to stop to use the dictionary.

På Vei Online Exercises
Provides interactive excercises for the beginner learning Norwegian including listening comprehension, work on sentence structure and Norwegian grammar. It is not necessary to have read the På Vei books in order to complete the excercises. You must first set up the Norwegian typeset on your computer in order to complete the excercises.

Norskklassen - A virtual gathering place for Norwegian learners
A place to get in touch with other learners of Norwegian, includes links to Norwegian learning resources and has a mailing list for those who are learning Norwegian.

Online Norwegian Bible
For those who are already well acquainted with the Bible in their native language the Bible can be a very good learning resource for the Norsk-Experiment method of learning. In the case of the Bible, for those who know it well, it is especially easy to guess from the context.

Klar Tale
Klar Tale is a online weekly newspaper written in easy-to-read Norwegian. It has 12 pages of news, written in simple style in large font. It should be an excellent resource for people learning Norwegian.