experiment in learning foreign languages

I am learning Norwegian without dictionaries and without using other languages. All my learning process is done in Norwegian. I am looking for effective methods for learning foreign languages.

My native language is Polish. Before I started learning Norwegian (back in May 2001) I had already been learning foreign languages (English, German, Russian) for over eleven years - developing and perfecting my own learning methods.

Based on my long experience I had formed the idea how I would go about learning another foreign language from the beginning (without a teacher, without going to classes, all by myself). I described this in the form of a language learning algorithm which reflected my most modern ideas about language learning at that time:

SuperMemo is a computer program which I had used for many years to learn English and German.

I started learning Norwegian with the algorithm in mind but it turned out that I was learning in a different way. I discovered a new learning method for myself which differed from the algorithm in the following way:

The success of this new method has changed my ideas about language learning and about learning in general. The purpose of this website is to share my insights and experience with people who are looking for effective learning methods.

I try to describe my learning process by writing reports. In my intention, these reports are statements of facts. Whenever I write a speculative remark I state so explicitly.