Download Free Audio Files for Learning Norwegian

Here you can download 20 minutes of Norwegian recordings in mp3 files, which come from a Norwegian social science website meant for Norwegian school children, but incidentally they are an excellent Norwegian learning resource. These materials include: (1) written texts and (2) audio files for these written text - in two language versions: Bokmaal and Nynorsk (the two official Norwegian languages). Unfortunately, that website is no longer available and these mp3 files without the written text are all that remains available on the Internet.

These mp3 audio files are probably the best collection of free sound files with native Norwegian pronunciation on the Internet. If you know of any other resource like this, please contact us because we are personally interested in having Norwegian pronunciation recorded in audio files.

  Kongedoemme eller republikk? Kongedoeme eller republikk?
page 1 bok_konge01.mp3 (2,78 MB) nyn_konge01.mp3 (2,91 MB)
page 2 bok_konge02.mp3 (596 KB) nyn_konge02.mp3 (626 KB)
page 3 bok_konge03.mp3 (1,26 MB) nyn_konge03.mp3 (1,33 MB)
page 4 bok_konge04.mp3 (1,68 MB) nyn_konge04.mp3 (1,83 MB)
page 5 bok_konge05.mp3 (1,07 MB) nyn_konge05.mp3 (1,17 MB)
page 6 bok_konge06.mp3 (1,73 MB) nyn_konge06.mp3 (1,72 MB)