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Русская Виртуальная Клавиатура | Russian Keyboard Online

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Русская клавиатура | Russian keyboard    

Use this online Russian keyboard to type Russian characters on computers which do not have a keyboard for typing the Cyrillic alphabet. You can type any Russian character - both small and capital letters. Additionally, you can edit what you write by placing the mouse pointer inside the text area and using it as you normally do to type and edit texts. We hope that this little online Russian keyboard will help you write texts in Russian when you are away from your own Russian computer - for example in an Internet cafe in a foreign country. You can send us an email message in Russian to say if you found this Russian keyboard useful. We understand Russian and we would be delighted to read Russian sentences typed on our own Russian keyboard. Important Warning: If you copy your Russian text into an email message it may turn out that although you will see the Russian characters properly the person to whom you send your message will not see them. To avoid this you can save your Russian text in a word processor like Microsoft Word or OpenOffice and then send the file as an attachment. The best thing to do would be to export your text as a PDF file because then there is zero chance of these Russian characters being lost.