Thesis 1
Man obtains information about God by exploring the material world. It seems not possible to prove, in the philosophical way, that the cognition of God isn't metaphysical; but in the present discourse it is a matter of little importance.

Thesis 2
The creation of the material world wasn't done by a single act. God creates each state of the material world separately. Each change in the material world is caused directly by God. Instead of 'God created the material world,' we will say 'God is creating the material world.'

Thesis 3
Man consists of the material body and nonmaterial soul. The body belongs to the material world. The soul is created by God.

Thesis 4
Man is able to express his will for particular changes in the material world. Man is able to evaluate states of the material world. Human will is expressed by the soul.

Thesis 5
Man is not able to perform any changes in the material world by himself. Changes in the material world are performed only by God, who respects or not the will of man.