Polish Lessons for Beginners in Learning Polish

These Polish lessons are for people who want to learn Polish from a beginner's level. Each lesson contains Polish sentences with English translation. These materials are displayed on our site and can be used for free.

Additionally, we have audio files for the first ten lessons recorded by Polish native speakers. For each of the first ten lessons there is a handy one-page transcript. The audio file for a given lesson contains the same sentences as the lesson. Each of the first ten lessons has about two minutes of listening material. Every sentence is read out clearly with a perfect Polish accent. You can buy the audio files for lessons 1-10.

Listen to the first lesson for free - lekcja01.mp3

Learn how to learn Polish from our Polish lessons.

If you are a beginner in learning Polish, try to learn Polish by listening to our sentences. Try to listen to each lesson as many times as you can - sometimes follow the Polish text while listening, sometimes try to be focused only on the pronunciation. Do not be in a hurry to learn speaking in Polish. Relax - if you are a beginner in learning Polish, you should spend a lot of time on reading and listening to Polish sentences. When you feel strong enough to learn speaking, try to repeat sentences that you've learned from our lessons. In the beginning, try not to construct your own sentences. Learn Polish from real Polish sentences - do not learn Polish from your mistakes. We strongly recommend you learn Polish sentences from our Polish lessons by heart. It is much more efficient than learning single words. If you learn Polish sentences by heart, you learn not only the words, but you also learn correct grammar structures.

Additional free Polish lessons without audio files: