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Lesson 1

These lessons are for people who want to learn Polish from a beginner's level. Each lesson contains Polish sentences with English translation. These materials are displayed on our site and can be used for free. Additionally, we have audio files for the first ten lessons recorded by Polish native speakers. For each of the first ten lessons there is a handy one-page transcript. The audio file for a given lesson contains the same sentences as the lesson. Each of the first ten lessons has about two minutes of listening material. Every sentence is read out clearly with a perfect Polish accent. You can buy the audio files for lessons 1-10 for $35.

lekcja01.mp3 - download the first lesson for free

By looking at the English translation of these Polish sentences you can see what vocabulary and what grammar points are being covered in these lessons. By examining the complexity of the English translation, you can see what kind of Polish sentences you will be able to understand after going through these lessons.

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 Polish sentencesEnglish translation
Jak się nazywasz? What's your name?
Nazywam się Jan Kowalski. My name is Jan Kowalski.
Jak się masz? How are you?
Świetnie, dziękuję. Fine, thanks.
Bardzo dobrze. Very well.
Jak on się nazywa? What's his name?
Jak ona się nazywa? What's her name?
On się nazywa Janusz Kowalski. His name's Janusz Kowalski.
Ona ma na imię Marta. Her name's Marta.
10  Skąd jesteś? Where are you from?
11  Skąd on jest? Where's he from?
12  Skąd ona jest? Where's she from?
13  Jaki jest twój zawód? What's your job?
14  Jaki jest jego zawód? What's his job?
15  Jaki jest jej zawód? What's her job?
16  On jest lekarzem. He's a doctor.
17  Ona jest nauczycielką. She's a teacher.
18  Jaki masz numer telefonu? What's your phone number?
19  Jaki on ma numer telefonu? What's his phone number?
20  Mój numer telefonu to 3217703. My phone number is 3217703.
21  Jaki jest twój adres? What's your address?
22  Jaki jest jej adres? What's her address?
23  Ile masz lat? How old are you?
24  Ile on ma lat? How old is he?
25  Ile ona ma lat? How old is she?
26  Mam 20 lat. I'm 20.
27  On ma 50 lat. He's 50.
28  Ona ma 18 lat. She's 18.
29  To prawda. That's right.
30  To nieprawda. That's wrong.
31  Nie wiem. I don't know.
32  Czy masz psa? Do you have a dog?
33  Jaki jest dzisiaj dzień? What day is it today?
34  Dzisiaj jest niedziela. It is Sunday today.
35  Kiedy pracujesz? When do you work?
36  Idę teraz do szkoły. I am going to school now.
37  Czy on teraz idzie na zakupy? Is he going shopping now?
38  Nie idę teraz do domu. I'm not going home now.
39  Ty prowadzisz teraz samochód. You are driving now.
40  Czy pijesz teraz mleko? Are you drinking milk now?

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