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play piano online
Play Piano Online


Online Keyboards
Type in the following foreign languages with all the special characters that they have: Czech, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish, and the IPA phonetic alphabet for English.

Links to Online Bibles

Internet Mathematics Library
A library of mathematical links powered by a search engine.

Website for English learners. Focus on effective methods for learning English. If you read this site thoughtfully you can apply the advice to learning other languages too.

English-Polish-English Professional Translator

Online Guitar
Useful tool for people interested in playing guitar that want to discover chords for songs by themselves.

Learn Polish
Polish lessons for beginners and Polish audio files recorded by Polish native speakers.

Learn Russian
Russian lessons for beginners and Russian audio files recorded by Russian native speakers.

Online Piano
You can make little musical experiments on this online piano. It can be a useful supplement to the Music Lessons.

Online English Tests

English Language Teaching Web
Index of English Language Resources

Home Movie 2009 Transcript