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Apronus Home  Online interactive chessboard with PGN viewer and editor; set up any position and play against computer for free

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Read PGN/FEN file

Play chess against computer online for free

HTML code for embedding the right-hand position to play against computer
Link to clone of righthand chessboard (embedded initial position and moves to navigate):
Link to current position on righthand chessboard with no moves included:
Link to playing current position on righthand chessboard against computer (online for free):
HTML code for static diagram image with link to share:
HTML code for animated diagram image with link to share:
HTML code to embed righthand chessboard on your own webpage:

WiseBoard Chess Board Editor

  • Set up arbitrary chess positions.
  • Generate JPG chess board images (diagrams).
  • Play chess by making legal chess moves on the chessboard on the right.
  • Share these dynamic chessboards with others.
  • Embed such dynamic chessboards in your own pages about chess.
  • Play email chess with your friends by exchanging these dynamic chessboards.
  • Play chess online for free against a chess playing applet.
  • Set up any chess position and play computer from this position online for free.
  • Adjust the playing strength of the chess playing Java applet.
  • Set up chess puzzles with an analysis board and play them online against a chess playing computer applet.
  • Share chess puzzles over email by links to dynamic chessboards or to the chess playing computer applet with the puzzle as the starting position.

The WiseBoard Editor is an interactive chessboard whose width and height can be set arbitrarily. The chessboard can be edited by adding chess figurines to the board, moving chess figurines on the board, and removing chess figurines from the board. The editing history - the history of changes to the board - is stored in memory giving you full undo support and the possibility to play chess games with yourself. Additionally, you can open the current editing situation in a new window. Notice that The WiseBoard Editor can be a useful tool for position analysis: you can have as many chessboards as you please and each chessboard remembers what has happened on it. Moreover, you can save the results of your chess analysis.

WiseBoard Chess Mailing List

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animated chess diagram   

Online chessboard with adjustable board width and board height

  • Set up any position and make legal chess moves.
  • Export and import PGN or FEN.
  • Make diagrams of a single position or animated diagrams with a game fragment.
  • Generate links to use as bookmarks, in blog posts or in email correspondence.
  • Play chess against computer from any set up position.

Different board dimensions for chess variants, e.g. 5x5 - 6x6 - 8x5 - 8x6 - 8x7 - 8x8 - 8x9 - 8x10

with width and height or choose board width and board height by altering the URL, e.g.

Our Plans for a Mighty Online Chess Website

We are going to offer the following chess services on our website:

  • Play Chess Online
  • Chess Discussion Forum
  • Position Analysis Tools

Whether you will be playing a private game, participating in a tournament, or reading the discussion forum, you will always have access to an interactive chessboard (WiseBoard Editor) allowing you to do the following things:

  • set an arbitrary position on the board
  • add new figurines to the board
  • move existing figurines on the board without restriction
  • remove figurines from the board
  • make regular chess moves
  • navigate back and forward through your editing changes (full undo support)
  • open the board in a new window - as many windows as you please
  • save such editing windows for future access
  • post chess diagrams to the discussion forum
  • post interactive diagrams (with a game history) to the discussion forum.

Analysis Tools and Discussion Forum

Notice that the WiseBoard Editor can be a useful tool for position analysis because you can have as many chessboards as you please and each chessboard remembers what has happened on it - allowing you to return to previous positions in the analysis history and open them in new windows to reflect the branching nature of chess analysis. Additionally, you can save your analysis results for future access or post them to the discussion forum.

Our chess discussion forum is going to be a really suitable place for exchanging chess ideas, asking chess questions, and solving chess problems collectively - thanks to the option of posting static diagrams or dynamic diagrams with an embedded game history. Such dynamic diagrams can start with any arbitrarily set position and allow navigation through the embedded history.

Forum readers will be able to open such posted diagrams into their private WiseBoard Editor windows, do all things mentioned above to these diagrams, and post a response diagram to the forum as a reply. Of course, it will be possible to write normal text in the forum.

Comfort and Focus on Good Play

Our interface is going to be easy to use and rich in possibilities to make it comfortable for you to play good chess. We will give you the option to choose between many sets of images for the chess figurines, and you will be able to adjust the size of the squares to make the board larger or smaller. (Try out different square sizes in our WiseBoard Editor demo version.) Our powerful analysis tools will make it easy for you to think and analyze your position before you make your move. We hope to bring out your best chess skills by giving you a good chess-playing interface.